Community Building

Will to Serve

We believe that becoming a courageous, compassionate human being is the work of a lifetime. It's also the work of a community. Together, we must accompany students on their journeys, embracing them in service and strength. And so, hands outstretched and hearts open, Gonzaga Will.

For Gonzaga to fully prepare students for life after graduation, we must educate them holistically. We must help them address what they will do in their careers, how they will maintain their physical and spiritual health, and how they will offer themselves in service. To support our students so they can reach their potential, we need your financial investment.

As a community, we must accompany each person on the journey, embracing each one in our lifelong network of fellowship. In so doing, we must give more of ourselves – to each other and to God.


To ensure all students are afforded intentional opportunities for reflection and faith development.

To match the needs and skills of our students, faculty and staff to serve and address real community issues and needs.

Financial Goal

$10.5 Million

Raised to Date $82.2 Million
Left to Raise $0 Million

​Gonzaga Athletics

Our student-athletes strive for excellence on and off of the field. With your support, Gonzaga can continue to recruit, educate and train the best and brightest student-athletes. The reward comes in knowing you've supported the Zags in our mission of excellence and outstanding representation of Gonzaga University to the nation.

The pursuit of excellence requires partners.

For more information, contact:

Jared Hertz, Associate Athletic Director

Catholic Education

When you support this initiative, you support our community of Catholic educators. Working with our local diocese, we’re advancing the professional and religious development of our area’s Catholic teachers and administrators. And we are committed to increasing student teaching, student-faculty research and financial aid support that encourages Gonzaga students to teach in Catholic school systems upon graduation.

With your support, we can partner to enhance quality Catholic education.

For more information, contact:
Shane Hatcher, Leadership Gift Officer

Student Development

Our students' formation as men and women for others extends beyond the classroom. It is through student clubs, leadership and community service that our students grow personally into the adults they aspire to be. For this student transformation to happen we must support our students in remaining healthy in mind, body and spirit. In an increasingly competitive job market, we must increase career preparedness programs across the four years our students live and learn at Gonzaga.

Help shape our next generation of courageous and compassionate leaders with your gift.

For more information, contact:

Brian Ruark, Assistant Vice President, Development


Faith and Formation

We are bound together in dialogue and celebration of our beliefs—and the more opportunities we create to explore our faith, the stronger it becomes. Our students seek more ways in which to explore their faith and spirituality—and so we must respond by increasing capacity within our retreat programs, Christian Life Community efforts, and through the addition of new programs that meet our students where they are in their personal faith formation.

Central to Jesuit education is the commitment to spiritual growth. Join us.

For more information, contact:

Brian Ruark, Assistant Vice President, Development


I Will

Jill Kaltenecker
Nursing, Class of 2017

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