A Conscious Connection

Evanann Whitaker-Woodcock (’17)

Evanann Whitaker-Woodcock (’17) is a black belt with a passion for entrepreneurship who aspires to make a difference for abused women. She is a motivated student majoring in business with a concentration in entrepreneurship and innovation, and a minor in English.

“I’ve always craved freedom to express my creativity,” she said of her choice to pursue entrepreneurship. “Gonzaga has given me the education, resources and connection that I will need to make my dreams a reality and do my best to make the world a better place.”

Whitaker-Woodcock dreams big — in addition to her goal of owning her own business someday, she wants to use her certification in yoga instruction and her martial arts acumen to teach classes to women who have been abused. She was inspired by her experiences volunteering at the women’s shelter in Spokane.

“I think the martial arts component would help teach them to feel they could protect themselves,” she explained, “while the yoga would provide a mindfulness to react to situations with a conscious connection between body and mind.”

She credits Gonzaga for helping her to transform herself over the past four years, and is grateful for the scholarships that have made it all possible. She feels confident and in control of her own future, comfortable in her own skin and proud to be the woman she has grown to be. Whitaker-Woodcock looks forward to putting her gratitude into action and helping other Zags to have the same phenomenal opportunities she has.

“I believe in paying it forward,” she said. “This scholarship is so meaningful to me and I feel so lucky to have received it. When I am in a place where I am able, I want to give to support someone else.”

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