Algorithmic Art

algorithmic art

Algorithmic Art (ITEC 211) proves that mathematics and art can intersect in beautiful ways through equations. Professor Rob Bryant is introducing computational thinking to liberal arts students; concepts of programming and math are taught in the context of visual arts, providing students with perspectives and skills that are increasingly more valuable in today’s workplace.

“Almost all of today’s disciplines—and jobs—rely on a computational component,” he says, “and I’m not talking about word processing.”

A 29-year Gonzaga veteran, Bryant is a regional leader in a national movement that believes higher education must teach computational thinking to students beyond the field of computer science. Broad gains in critical thinking and graduates who are better prepared for employment—perhaps even a trickle of new majors in computer science and computer engineering—are expected outcomes.

When the Information Technology program was launched at Gonzaga in 2011, students like Sarah Hartwig (’15) were inspired by the introduction to the new perspective the Algorithmic Art course provided.

“It’s one of my favorite classes,” she said, “I love thinking of new ideas and images I can make with the skills I’m learning.”

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