Buzz about “Battling the Buzz”

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse is never a comfortable topic; however, in this day and age, alcohol use seems almost an inevitability among college students. Gonzaga Magazine faced this subject head-on in the 2015 article, “Battling the Buzz,” which explored the resources available to GU students, along with trends and cultural perceptions surrounding collegiate alcohol use. Told from the point of view of a student who has been sober since 2014, “Battling the Buzz” highlights Gonzaga’s commitment to Cura Personalis and how the University is helping students approach issues surrounding alcohol use.

Response to the article was a demonstration of the ways in which Zags can come together in community to thoughtfully consider our world.

“I was blessed enough to realize in my freshman year at Gonzaga University that all alcohol did for me was increase the depression I was already feeling. Praise the Lord that there are resources for our students now. I only pray that more students will put them to good use.” – Roberta Hartley (’82)

“I realize that drinking is part of college life, but it just wasn’t my experience at Gonzaga. There were so many other things to do—drinking just wasn’t one of them. That said, I’m glad there is a place where students can go when they are struggling with addiction.” – Michelle Proulx-Schuette

“I am the parent of a sophomore and I especially liked the informational piece on college drinking. I shared it with my daughter, who is heading off to college next year. I am so glad that Gonzaga offers help to those kids that find they have a problem with alcohol. How great or the University to recognize this need and put in place a program to help.” – Lori White

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