Fueling a Future to Bank On

George Holmes (’20)

George Holmes (’20) has drive. He always has. He’s known since before he even set eyes on the School of Business at Gonzaga that he wanted to pursue a career in finance—specifically, with a company that works with cars.

“I worked as a financial analyst for a bank in high school,” he said, “and I love everything about cars.”

Gonzaga fit the bill when it came to preparing him for his dream career, but for Holmes, GU went far beyond providing a stellar education. It started during his Gonzaga Experience Live (GEL) weekend, where he got to see first-hand just what the Gonzaga community is all about.

“I saw how a simple smile or ‘hello’ can make someone’s day,” he said.

Holmes’ Gonzaga experience has continued to motivate and inspire him. From the flag football field to his finance classes and everywhere in between, the community he experienced during GEL weekend hasn’t changed.

“Everyone here inspires me to do better, to be better,” said Holmes. “My professors and classmates motivate me to new heights academically and push me to be a better person by showing care for everyone. The friends I’ve made here are truly amazing,”

Fueling Holmes’ experience are the scholarships he has received. He is extremely grateful for the donors who support him and all Zags in need of scholarship aid.

“It means somebody believes in me,” he expressed, “and that somebody looked at my life and decided I showed promise. That means a lot to me that even though I’ve never met you, you believe in me.”

Thanks to your support, Holmes is excited to reach the finish line and follow in your footsteps.

“It makes me want to go the extra mile every day,” he said. “My scholarship motivates me and inspires me to want to do the same for someone else in the future.”

Make a scholarship gift today and have in impact on Zags like George and through them, the world.

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